Office 365 

Office 365 is the most popular platform in business for email and collaboration functions. Along with it’s easy subscription to the Microsoft Office suites for current and future releases, Office 365 is considered a standard requirement by most businesses. 
As a Microsoft partner, Keystone IT can manage your subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365. 
If you are currently paying Microsoft directly then we can take that hassle away from you and save you money. 
Keystone IT has performed a lot of migrations to Office 365 from different platforms. 
We have built up a lot of knowledge on the processes which helps us to reduce or eliminate any downtime during the migration. 

Hosted VOIP 

With connectivity speeds to the internet getting better, Hosted Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) is becoming a solution which more and more businesses are choosing. Rather than investing in on-premise phone systems which either has a large upfront investment or a long-term lease, a Hosted VOIP solution can quickly give your business a feature rich system with no long-term leases and very little upfront investment. 
Furthermore, the maintenance of a Hosted VOIP solution is far simpler and cheaper than the traditional on-premise solution. With your phone system managed in the cloud, the maintenance of the phone system is taken care of by your provider. 
Some of the features of our Hosted VOIP system. 
Auto Attendant Menus 
Hunt Groups 
Call Queues 
Call Recording 
Mobile Soft Client 
Low call charges 

Domain Name and Website Hosting 

Domain Name Management 
A domain name forms part of the businesses online identity. It’s very important to safe guard its renewal, ensuring its configuration is managed safely and that it's always available. Keystone IT can manage your domain names ensuring that it's kept safe and help with any changes that need to be made. 
Website Hosting 
We have clients that choose to have their website hosted with us. As their trusted IT partner, our clients like the fact that we can safeguard their online presence no matter which web designer they deal with, now or in the future. We offer two platforms for hosting a website. Our clients can have a dedicated solution which means that they are hosted on their own server or they can choose a shared option. A shared option is the most popular way to host a website, it means that you share the same server as a number of other websites. 
Regardless of which option you choose, Keystone IT will work with your website developer to ensure that the website has everything it needs to operate. 
Microsoft Azure Services 
Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform is built to scale with the requirements of your business. With Azures, your IT can be adapted as you see fit and within a very short amount of time. 
Azures can be run independently from your existing IT such as running a webserver or can be fully integrated with all your on-premise servers. 
For example, with a multi-site company, you may have applications that overtime will require greater resources from the servers. With Azures, you can create your servers to run the applications and then linking in all your sites through a private network. As you applications demand more from the servers then you can easily accommodate that requirement. Traditionally you would have to buy more hardware and possible perform a migration. With Azures its very simple, you pay for what you use. 
Keystone IT can help you design your Azures package and then implement it in line with the project plan. 
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